Welcome to Movement for Everybody: all-level movement classes for all bodies. These classes focus on physical freedom, release, creativity and human to human connection.

For about a decade now, Julia and Briana have been teaching movement to actors at conservatory programs and are thrilled to finally offer their classes to people not currently enrolled in an acting or university program.  These classes are designed for everyone – artists, non-artists, professionals, unprofessionals, yogis, yoga-haters, dancers, non dancers, people afraid of dance, queers, beards, clowns, tops, bottoms, switches, queens, kings, cat AND dog people.

Classes are rooted in a multi-disciplinary approach, and our teachers are trained in a variety of somatic and creative techniques.

We strive to foster an environment where everybody can access a free, strong, and flexible physical instrument through creative movement, play, music, and simple contact exercises.

Classes usually involve a rigorous warm up, some technical partner or group contact exercises, and typically culminate in a company improvisation – moving with one another to music and exploring fundamentals of group composition work.

Come to strengthen your artistic physical practice, crack open your creativity, become more present in your body, or simply for a good time. Whatever your reason for coming, you will leave feeling stronger, more connected, more released, more creative, and with a richer connection to your body and others.

Both Julia and Briana are available for private coaching.