Covid-19 Update:

As we follow the guidelines outlined by the CDC, all in-person classes are cancelled until further notice. No class credits will expire during these unprecedented times. We’ll miss our beautiful community during this hiatus and we remind you all to be kind, hold up and support one another – know this is temporary! Hold near ones dear and find some digital FaceTime with those far away.

Cancellation Policy

We have an End of Day cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation after 5pm the day prior to Movement, it is considered a “Late Cancel” and you will lose the credit. If you cancel before 5pm the day prior to Movement, that credit will be returned to your account for future use. Single class credits are good for one month. We do not refund.

If you know you will be unable to attend Movement, your community of movers would be so grateful if you would Late Cancel your reservation. You can do so via email. Your “Late Cancel” will give the gift of a donated class to a mover who otherwise couldn’t have this movement in their body this week.


Donation Policy

Donation classes are available to our entire movement community. Anyone can donate and anyone can receive a community class. “Late Cancel” classes and the accumulated offering of fellow students deems how many donated classes will be available any given session. 

We post these donation classes on instagram as they become available. The recipients claim them on a first come, first-served basis. 


Late Arrival Policy

The rental space opens to us 15 minutes before each class. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in so you have time to get set up, use the rest room and anything else you may need. Because we are holding a safe space for mental, physical and emotional release, students are not permitted to enter Movement 10 minutes after the start time.